Falstad - Wildhammer Thane

Falstad Wildhammer first gained noteriety as the leader of a group of gryphon riders that patrolled Lordaeron’s shores against dragons after the Second War, earning him the name Falstad Dragonreaver. Despite his skill against the giant creatures, Falstad is also one of the most respected humanoids alive in the eyes of the Red Dragonflight due to his participation in the mission to rescue Alexstrazsa from the Blackrock Orcs at the fortress of Grim Batol.

Following the presumed death or retirement of High Thane Maz Drachrip of the Wildhammer Clan, Falstad became the new High Thane. Ruling from his seat at Aerie Peak, Falstad had officially maintained neutrality in the war between the Horde and Alliance, despite his leanings towards the latter. This allowed the Wildhammers to avoid open hostilities with the Revantusk Trolls, though isolated skirmishes were not necessarily rare occurences in the Hinterlands due to limited territory and the natural animosity between the two races. This neutrality would prove to be short lived. With the Revantusk trolls to the east and the Forsaken capital only a short distance to the northwest, as well as the growing threat of the Scourge, Falstad found himself squeezed from three sides and worked to rebuild the relationship between the Wildhammers and the Alliance.

When Magni Bronzebeard, King of Ironforge and head of the Bronzebeard clan falls prey to a curse that turns him into a crystal, a council representing the three major dwarven clans of Azeroth is formed to succeed him, with Falstad representing the Wildhammers alongside Moira Thaurissan of the Dark Irons and Muradin Bronzebeard, King Magni’s brother.

Lore written by staff writer JGGiant

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Regen
710 (+120) 1.4804 (+0.250) 38 (+10) 1.43 per second 500 (+10) 3 (+0.098)

Special Mount


Combat Trait


Heroic Abilities

Mighty Gust Hinterland Blast