Gazlowe - Boss of Ratchet

“Time is money, friends”, a saying all goblins live by and Gazlowe is no exception, or is he?

As a youngster, Gazlowe was a thief but managed to make enough coin through his adventures to start his own legitimate business. A business which boomed into one of the world’s most successful trading ports. Gazlowe manages the trading operations on Kalimdor in the town of Ratchet.

After the events of the Third War, Gazlowe was approached by Thrall to be the Chief Engineer in the building of Orgrimmar. He was tasked with finding a reliable water source in the dry, harsh climate of Durotar. Digging tunnels outside the city in search of an underground well, Gazlowe and his team ran into a den of kobolds, who flooded the tunnels and drove the goblin miners out. Gazlowe sent ,not yet champion of the horde, Rexxar to deal with the nuisance. Rexxar succeeded, and thus the glorious city of Orgrimmar had fresh water and plumbing.

Years and profits went on without much trouble. There was the occasional 99 year old port stolen by Mad Magglish and pesky pirates to the south but nothing questing adventurers couldn’t handle. It wasn’t until upset fire elementals laid blaze to Orgrimmar that Gazlowe was again asked by Thrall to rebuild the city. Settling on a price, which was lowered several times, the former Warchief departed for Outland.

Following the death of the beloved Cairne Bloodhoof, the treacherous Grimtotem tribe rose up to take control of the tauren city, Thunder Bluff. Cairne’s son Baine, sent a trusted ally named Stormsong to ask Gazlowe for aid in their fight to take back the city. The plan called for outrageous amounts of explosives and weaponry, as well as zeppelins to transport troops. Demands were met and Gazlowe received an enormous sum of money and very , very rare of a goblin, he gave some back as a gesture of respect to Cairne and his son. Gazlowe is keen to remain neutral for profits sake, but retains strong relations with the horde.

A sometimes caring goblin with a heart of “gold”

Lore written by staff writer Hota

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Regen
770 (+170) 1.6054 (+0.355) 37 (+9) 1.25 per second 500 (+10) 3.00 (+0.098)