Illidan - The Betrayer

Born during the height of Night Elf civilization, Illidan hungered for many things: to be the equal of his twin brother, Malfurion; to hold close the one woman he loved, Tyrande; but most of all, Illidan hungered for power. His potential was so great that the Dark Titan Sargeras himself burned out Illidan’s eyes and gifted him the ability to see all forms of magic, knowing he would be a powerful servant. But Illidan, having already betrayed his family, then betrayed the Legion that had empowered him, and his actions led to the destruction of the Well of Eternity and the sundering of the world, defeating the Burning Legion’s advance.

Imprisoned for his actions, Illidan brooded on all that had been taken from him, and everything he had sacrificed for his people. When Tyrande released him to fight against another invasion from the Legion during the Third War, he earnestly sought to prove that his intentions were pure… but his tactics, including consuming the Skull of Gul’dan in order to transform into a demon himself, were abhorrent to Tyrande. He would find no respite among the Kaldorei.

Kil’jaeden the Deceiver sought out Illidan to offer him both power and purpose; if Illidan destroyed the Lich King, he would be greatly rewarded. Ultimately, Illidan failed, and fled to the shattered remains of Draenor to secure himself a new home. Around him he gathered other outcasts, all desperate for the power Illidan could command with the last vials of the Well’s waters… but in time, he would himself be betrayed.

When the Legion redoubled its efforts to secure Outland as a staging ground for another invasion of Azeroth and re-opened the Dark Portal, Illidan and his forces rallied against them. One by one, his most powerful servants were defeated or defected, either turning to serve the Legion or joining with the mortal heroes of the Horde and Alliance to strike against Illidan himself and end his tyranny over Outland.

Power, at any cost and without regard for its consequences, was what defined Illidan and his choices. Only an overwhelming power could be used to counter his enemies at every turn, because the idea of sacrificing potential power was anathema. So to understand the Betrayer, one must understand that nothing, neither loyalty nor friendship nor duty, is more sacred than pursuit of greater power. Power will bring you victory. Power will bring you peace.

Dare you to challenge the Betrayer, he who has gathered such fountains of power to his will?

You are not prepared.

Lore written by staff writer Crow

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed
750 (+125) 1.7304 (+0.262) 30 (+7) 1.67 per second

Combat Trait

Betrayer’s Thirst

Heroic Abilities

The Hunt Metamorphosis