Li Li - World Wanderer

From a very young age, Li Li showed the same sense of adventure as her uncle Chen, the noted Pandaren brewmaster. Li Li is eager to quest and explore whenever the opportunity presents itself, especially now that she is reunited with her uncle.

Chen Stormstout had left their home, the Wandering Isle, not long after Li Li was born. When a tragic fishing accident claimed the life of the young girl’s mother, she was left in the care of her father Chon Po. Frequent letters from her uncle kept Li Li in touch with all of Chen’s adventures, nurturing a strong desire to explore the world – something her father Chon Po did not approve of.

Li Li’s desire for travel and exploration led her to writing a travel journal. She also embarked on a series of adventures all over the Wandering Isle, causing aggravation and consternation among her fellow Pandaren anywhere she went. Still, all her local explorations did nothing to satisfy Li Li’s wanderlust.

Chen Stormstout and his brother Chon Po were often at odds. Chen strongly promoted the benefits of being an adventurer, while Chon advocated for the safety and familiarity of staying on the Wandering Isle. Li Li was torn.

Eavesdropping one night on the conversation of Pandaren elders, Li Li found out about the Pearl of Pandaria that was kept in the Great Library on the Wandering Isle. That same night, Li Li snuck into the library to see the pearl. Holding the Pearl of Pandaria, Li Li had a vision of Pandaria, the land of her ancestors that was lost to the mists. The young Pandaren decided at that moment that she needed to leave the safety of the Wandering Isle, and discover her true home.

Lore written by staff writer Marc – Shamronger

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Regen
835 (+135) 1.7382 (+0.281) 25 (+6) 1.25 per second 500 (+10) 3.00 (+0.098)