Muradin - Mountain King

Born the younger brother of Magni Bronzebeard, Muradin’s lot in life was to be the model Crown Prince of Ironforge until Magni produced an heir to the throne. For the dwarves, this meant training as a consummate warrior, as well as diplomacy with their allies, and most recently, a vested interest in archaeology and the lost history of the dwarven people. Muradin excelled at all of these tasks; while his kin defended the mountains of Dun Morogh against the Horde during the Second War, Muradin led Alliance troops into battle while acting as Ironforge’s liaison with Lordaeron. After that war was settled, he remained in Lordaeron, befriending the young Arthas Menethil. This friendship, however, would turn fateful at the worst possible time.

During the Third War, Muradin encountered his now-grown student while exploring the frozen continent of Northrend. Muradin had heard rumors of a legendary sword, and Arthas agreed to join his teacher to locate it, as he needed something he could use to turn the tide of the Scourge that threatened his homeland. After a series of questionable and unscrupulous acts led Muradin to question Arthas’ judgment, he pleaded with his former student to abandon the quest, to no avail. When the Prince of Lordaeron drew Frostmourne from its icy prison, the resulting explosion appeared to claim Muradin as the runeblade’s first victim…

… but this was not the case. When Muradin awoke, he had no recollection of who he was or why he was there. In his stupor, he came across a group of frost dwarves, who took what appeared to be an oddly-colored cousin into their care. The amnesiac Muradin distinguished himself through his ferocity in combat, impressing the frost dwarves immensely. They gave him a new name and a new home. Years later, during the war against the Lich King, an encounter that reunited all three Bronzebeard brothers jogged Muradin’s memory, reminding him of who he was… but more importantly, reminding him of Arthas’ betrayal, and the threat that his former student still posed.

Leaving the Frostborn behind, Muradin joined in with the Alliance forces like he’d never left, and was given command of the gunship Skybreaker during the assault on Arthas’ stronghold of Icecrown Citadel. When the Lich King was defeated, Muradin discovered a memento of Arthas’ boyhood days, and the dwarven prince mourned the young man who had been his student and friend. Brotherhood is not merely a matter of blood, but a matter of honor.

What defines Muradin is his dedication to his martial prowess. It’s not enough to simply know how to wield a weapon: the dwarf that becomes a weapon is the one who stands victorious at the end of the fight. Understanding strategy and the intricacies of diplomacy are virtuous traits, but it’s leading your troops by example that wins battles, and that’s a matter of leading from the front, from where the battle is thickest.

And if the battle should thicken up elsewhere? You’d best hop to it, then, lad.

Lore written by staff writer Crow

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Mana Regen
1040 (+240) 2.168 (+0.5) 42 (+8) 1.11 per second 500 (+10) 3 (+0.098)

Combat Trait

Second Wind

Heroic Abilities

Avatar Haymaker