Nova - Dominion Ghost

Nova Terra was born fairly close to the end of the Terran Confederacy’s reign over the Koprulu Sector. Like many born with telepathic abilities, Nova’s powers began to show at a young age, but due to her family’s influence they were able to keep her hidden from the Ghost Program. However, the eventual rise in hostilities amongst the Confederacy, the Protoss, the Zerg, and even other factions of Terrans such as the Sons of Korhal began to bring Tarsonis’ safety into question. With that in mind, Nova’s parents arranged for her to be sent far away from the conflicts, but before she could reach safety she felt the final moments of her parents lives and returned home. The anger and confusion at what she found pushed her over the edge, creating a psionic storm of carnage that ripped her parent’s murderers, as well as many innocents, apart. Appalled by what she had done, Nova fled what was left of her old life.

Originally finding herself in the employ of a crime lord in the bowels of Tarsonis, Nova was eventually found by Confederate “wranglers” who desperately needed to recruit more Ghosts to fight the government’s various wars. Though the Confederacy fell shortly after Nova’s recruitment, self-proclaimed Emperor Arcturus Mengsk had no intention of altering the Ghost Academy’s methods or goals and thus Nova’s training continued as it normally would. Nova proceeded to shatter record after record, even graduating in only two and a half years when it took most students four to become full-fledged ghosts.

For her efforts, Nova was rewarded with the new name X41822N as well as a memory wipe, effectively removing all traces of her past and ensuring her undying loyalty to Arcturus Mengsk and the Dominion.

Lore written by staff writer Tim Bales – JGGiant

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Regen
700 (+110) 1.457 (+0.227) 40 (+10) 1.00 per second 500 (+10) 3.00 (+0.098)