Sonya - Wanderer of the North

The Barbarians were once the guardians of Mt Arreat. It was their charge to watch over the sacred Worldstone and this duty was reflected in almost every aspect of their lives.

Both men and women were trained in the ways of combat, ways only a being of a Barbarian’s stature could master. The Children of Bul-Kathos, as they are often called, stand towering over the other races of Sanctuary. These hulking mountains of muscle and sinew wield massive weapons of war with such grace and speed that it would be a spectacle to behold if not for the fervor and rage of the wielder. They also harbor a great distrust of outsiders and most Barbarian clans were nomadic in nature, spending their time roaming the mountain side and keeping an ever watchful eye for anything that might threaten their sacred home.

After thousands of years of their vigil the Barbarians were tested by the demon Belial, as the Lord of Destruction lead an army up the slopes of Mt. Arreat. Despite the might of all of the Barbarian clans they were unable to stop Belial from reaching the Worldstone and corrupting it. Left with little other choice the Archangel Tyrael shattered the Worldstone and in the process destroyed all of Mt. Arreat. Having failed in their sworn duty and left with no land to call home the scattered tribes of the Barbarians no wander the lands to the south looking for a meaning to their lives.

Many have answered the call to protect the innocent and combat evil where they find it. Sonya is one such Barbarian. She has crushed the greatest of the demon lords, driven back the armies of Hell, and reaped the lamentations of Death himself. Woes be to any foes who may challenge her in battle.

Lore written by staff writer Neinball

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Fury Regen
930 (+210) 1.9375 (+0.438) 40 (+8) 1.25 per second 100 N/A

Combat Trait


Heroic Abilities

Leap Wrath of the Berserker