Tyrael - Archangel of Justice

Tyrael. Member of the Angiris Council. Archangel of Justice. Fallen Angel.

Tyrael has fought on the side of the Light against the forces of Hell for time immemorial. For countless eons Tyrael thought the only principles of justice were the laws of the High Heavens. This view of Creation was shattered once he encountered the denizens of Sanctuary, humans. Humans were the spawn of rogue angels and demons who had become weary of the endless Eternal Conflict that consumed all of the focus of both Heaven and Hell.

While at first many angels saw humanity as an abomination, Tyrael saw the potential for good that resided within this new race. Tyrael would spend much of his time observing humanity, but direct interaction was forbidden by the laws of Heaven. Eventually Tyrael would come to face one of the most difficult decisions of his existence when humanity was endangered by the release of the Prime Evils onto Sanctuary. Tyrael would have to choose between following the law and letting the exiled leaders of Hell destroy mankind or intervening to help save humanity and turning his back on the one central ideal he held most dear. It was this decision that caused Tyrael to learn the true meaning of justice. Justice wasn’t upholding some lofty, idealistic laws, it was doing what was right.

Tyrael came to the aid of the humans many times when the Three threatened them. First when he armed humanity with the sacred Soulstones to contain the Prime Evils and again when he sacrificed himself to destroy the corrupted Worldstone to prevent the forces of Hell from pouring into the mortal world, but not even death could stop the embodiment of Justice.

Twenty years later Tyrael would return from death only to find himself put on trial by his peers. Tyrael had done the unthinkable by interfering on the behalf of humanity and his answer to the crimes of breaking Heaven’s laws was to renounce his divinity. Tyrael would no longer stand among the angels if it meant idly standing by while the innocent suffered. A now mortal Tyrael would immediately be faced with another challenge as the forces of hell sought after the Black Soulstone to unleash the Prime Evil upon Creation.

Tyrael would not face this challenge alone as a mortal hero, the Nephalem, would come to his aid in this battle against the forces of Hell. After a hard fought battle the forces of the Light would emerge victorious and the Prime Evil would be locked away within the Black Soulstone, but the threat wasn’t over. The evil within the Stone would begin to seep out into Heaven where it held and only Tyrael could see the subtle changes within the holiest of realms. Tyrael was again faced with the decision of following the laws of Heaven or breaking them to save his former home, only this time his decision would have far darker consequences.

Lore written by staff writer Neinball

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Mana Regen
1020 (+220) 2.125 (+0.457) 37 (+7) 1.25 per second 500 (+10) 3 (+0.098)



Tyrael Default

7,000 Gold :: $8.49 USD
Default TyraelDefault Tyrael Tint 2Default Tyrael Tint 3


$7.49 USD
Default SeraphimSeraphim Tint 2Seraphim Tint 3


$9.99 USD
Default DemonicDemonic Tint 2Demonic Tint 3

Master Skin

10,000 Gold (Achieve Hero Level 10 to Unlock)