Uther - The Lightbringer

Even at a young age, the boy who would become Uther the Lightbringer was on the path to become a great hero of the Alliance. Raised and mentored the Church of the Light, it was Uther who rallied the Alliance during the Second War against the Horde. Despite the victory, the fall of Stormwind to the orcs led the leaders of the Church to realize that its paladins, while powerful, needed to be organized into an actual fighting force. Thus Uther was annointed as the first Knight of the Silver Hand and was placed as the organization’s leader.

He would eventually be given the honor of training the Prince of Lordaeron, Arthas Menethil, as a paladin of the Silver Hand and came to see the young man as a son as well as a pupil. However, Arthas would eventually prove to be the great paladin’s undoing. During the early days of the Third War, an outbreak of the undead was creeping its away across Lordaeron. Discovering that the plague had infected the city of Stratholme, Arthas ordered his soldiers to raze the city and slaughter its citizens to prevent them from joining the undead ranks. Uther objected, believing that there must be another way to save the city without resorting to such violence. Convinced that Uther was too weak to see what must be done, Arthas disbanded the Knights of the Silver Hand, stripped Uther of his title, and slaughtered the people of Stratholme. Uther might have stopped Arthas there, but his devotion to the prince saw him leave the field rather than raising his sword against him, thus allowing Arthas to begin his bloody march through the city. This would serve to be the first step of many that would lead Arthas to one day slay his own father in the name of the Lich King.

Having failed to defend the people and their king from his own student, Uther and his remaining paladins stood vigil over King Terenas’ urn as the undead hordes attempted to desecrate it. Arthas himself eventually arrived, needing the urn for a ritual to bring the necromancer Kel’Thuzad back from the dead. This time, Uther stood fast against the insane prince but lost in the end, damning his former pupil to a special place in hell before with his last breath. To this day the tomb of Uther the Lightbringer stands as an eternal beacon of light in the otherwise desolate Western Plaguelands of Lordaeron, an eternal reminder of both the cost of allowing personal matters to sway one’s sense of justice as well as a paladin’s duty to always walk in the

Light, no matter how stifling the darkness becomes.

Lore written by staff writer Tim Bales – JGGiant

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Mana Regen
890 (+190) 1.8554 (+0.395) 38 (+7) 1.00 per second 500 (+10) 3 (+0.098)