Valla - Demon Hunter

Valla. Demon Hunter. Nephalem. Sister.

In the world of Sanctuary Demon Hunters are spoken of in whispers. They are as feared as the demons they hunt and for good measure. Valla, like all demon hunters, walks a fine line between the tides of corruption from the enemies she faces and giving in to the sea of writhing hatred that fuels her quest to rid her world of the forces of Hell. The only thing that saves her is her incredible discipline that tempers all of her actions since answering the call of her order.

Valla’s story starts many years ago when she was a young child. She lived a quiet life in a small town in the Eastern Kingdoms with her parents and younger sister Halissa. Her life changed when a demon horde descended upon her community and butchered everyone. Valla and her sister were the only two to survive the slaughter, her parents and everyone else she had ever known were killed merciless by the demons.

Valla and Halissa ran into the forests surrounding her home for safety. Eventually the stress of narrowly surviving a demon attack, living like an animal in the woods and the constant fear that they would be discovered became too much for Halissa to handle and she snapped in the middle of a violent rain storm.

Valla chased after her sister to try and protect her. In Halissa’s fractured state of mind she ran straight into the rapids of a nearby river. Valla tried desperately to save her, but the rain made her grip too slippery, the current was too strong. The last Valla ever saw of Halissa was her being taken by the river. Valla would soon be found by a band of Demon Hunters that were tracking the horde responsible for killing her village and thus began her life as one of their order.

It would take many years for her to temper her hatred with the discipline needed to face powerful demons. She would face a powerful demon called Valdraxxis who used her memories of her lost sister against her, but this only would server to strengthen her resolve and final realize her true potential as Demon Hunter. When Valla stared into the abyss that was Valdraxxis’ soul, it was the demon that blinked first.

Valla would later play an integral role in the saving of Sanctuary as she fought mercilessly against the Lords of Hell and she would eventually bring down the Prime Evil, Diablo, before he could destroy the High Heavens. Her duty is not yet over though as Death itself has now come to challenge her…

Lore written by staff writer Neinball

Starting Statistics

Health Health Regen Damage Attack Speed Mana Mana Regen
700 (+110) 1.461 (+0.227) 28 (+9) 1.67 per second 500 (+10) 3 (+0.098)

Combat Trait


Heroic Abilities

Strafe Rain of Vengeance



Valla Default

2,000 Gold :: $3.99 USD
Default VallaDefault Valla Tint 2Default Valla Tint 3

Vampire Hunter

$7.49 USD
Default Vampire HunterVampire Hunter Tint 2Vampire Hunter Tint 3

Angelic Valla

$9.99 USD
Default Angelic VallaAngelic Valla Tint 2Angelic Valla Tint 3

Master Skin

10,000 Gold (Achieve Hero Level 10 to Unlock)