Anub’arak Guide: Un-Beetle-ble

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Anub’arak once rose from the dead to rule over Azjol-Nerub and the Icy Depths beneath the Crusader’s Coliseum. Now he has risen once again and this time he has claimed the Nexus as his kingdom. Since being reworked in the Probius patch, Anub’arak has gone from being an occasional anti-mage counter to the strongest Warrior in the game. While he may not be picked as often as some other Warriors, he currently boasts the highest win rate of any Hero, Warrior or otherwise, on HOTSLogs. Anub’arak still does well against spell damage heavy compositions, but he is no longer limited to that role. He is a capable tank regardless of the enemy comp and he can be an effective bruiser as well. Anub’arak has everything in his kit that you would want from a Warrior. He has solid self-sustain, good tools to engage, and two different ways to Stun enemy


Patch Notes For March 14, 2017

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A new patch has been released on the live servers bringing with it several major additions. Probius is the latest Hero to enter the Nexus. This brave little Probe was the star of the Legacy of the Void cinematic specializes in zone control thru the use of Pylons. He does high damage but requires a certain amount of setup time to be at his most effective. A new season of Ranked Play has also begun. Dubbed 2017 Season 1 this new season is expected to last until the week of June 13th. Players can earn the usual portraits, gold, and a unique mount based on their highest ranked achieved. Rewards for the previous season have also been awarded out so be sure to log in to collect that booty. Several Heroes have also been reworked in this patch. Check out the Patch Notes below to read all about the changes

Remember the new Hero and big changes they previewed at the Western Clash Deep Dive panel yesterday? You can now get a hands on look at these changes yourself by logging into the Public Test Realm. This particular patch is huge. Here are just a few of the highlights: Probius is a new high damage Specialist from the Starcraft universe The Cho’gall event is returning A new Party Frames feature has been added On Fire effects have returned A Kill Feed has been added Multiple Hero changes including reworks to Cho’gall, Gazlowe, Anub’arak, and Arthas As always, this is the PTR so things are subject to change. This patch is expected to be rolled out to the live server next week. Read all about everything included in this massive patch below:


Western Clash Deep Dive Panel

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The first day of the Western Clash brought us the announcement of Probius and several upcoming features that will soon be added to the game. The final day of the Western Clash provided additional information about these and other topics courtesy of the Deep Dive panel. While everyone else was catching their breath from from the thrilling matches, Claudio Gentilini took to the stage to share some knowledge. Here is a quick rundown of what we learned: Probius is a high damage ranged Specialist who uses potent area-denial abilities to keep enemies at a safe distance Probius has no baseline mana regeneration Probius has no mount Probius strengths include strong area control and high burst damage His weaknesses are his fragility, his set up time, and that he needs a front line Probius only restores mana when within range of a Pylon Probius has a Level 13 Talent to increase


Free Hero Coming With Next Patch

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Players will soon be receiving a free Hero or a little extra gold once the new patch drops on September 13th. We first heard about this promotion during Gamescom, but additional details emerged earlier today regarding which Heroes would be available and what the gold alternative would be. Once the new patch goes live, all players have to do to claim their new Hero is simply log into the game. From there they will be presented with a choice of three Heroes: Tyrande, Anub’arak or Thrall. If the player already owns one or more of these Heroes, they will be replaced with Nazeebo, Sonja, and Uther in order. Should players already own all of those Heroes, they will be awarded 4000 gold instead. Whether you need to pad out your roster or want a little extra gold for that next master skin, it is always nice to get something for free.


Balance Update for February 17th, 2016

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It’s Wednesday, which means another round of Balance Updates. Earlier this year, Blizzard promised to update the game more regularly and they have kept that promise by releasing a balance update or a full patch each of the last six weeks. At the center of this week’s changes is Li-Ming. At first glance the changes appear to be quite heavy handed. Several of her primary talent choices including Astral Presence, Diamond Skin, and Tal Rasha’s Elements have been significantly nerfed, or in the case of Ess of Johan completely removed. Triumvirate did receive a slight buff and may become the go to pick now that Ess of Johan is no longer an option. The scaling bonus on her Magic Missiles ability has also been reduced to 3% per level, which will make this ability less strong in the late game. According to the Developer Comments, these changes were made in


Open Beta Release Day

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Episode 18: Open Beta Release Day In this episode we have 2 special guests!  Alebeard and Digitality climb on board the train to discuss everything from upcoming Heroes tournaments, where HotS is at in its current state, an Anub’Arak damage/tank build and more! Gameplay


Anub’arak Build: Bug Bomb

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Anub’arak is the king of the Nerubian empire and is a strong choice for the warrior role. The newest patch helped Anub’arak out a ton with taking away the wind up on two of his attacks and making the beetle AI much smarter. Today I have an AOE engage build for you to try out so lets get into it! For all the basics you can check out BlizzPro’s Anub’arak hero page here. Abilities Scarab Host – This is Anub’arak’s trait and it allows him to spawn one of his beetle’s every time he uses his abilities. Since this build won’t focus on the beetles there isn’t much to say about it. They will come out and do some work for Anub’arak on their own so just enjoy the benefit. They are great for soaking tower ammo or applying extra damage in 1v1 duels so be sure to capitalize on

So evidently this Valentine’s Day love can happen during war time in the Nexus. Malfurioun with Tyrande, a pre Lich King Arthas with Jaina, Raynor with a human looking Kerrigan. But how about Zagara? She doesn’t want to be lonely so she gets on her little mobile device and finds the Nexus’s version of Tinder. Who she’s able to find as a soulmate is quite adorable and documented in the video below: If you’re curious about the profiles for Thrall, Illidan, Gazlowe, and Anub’arak here they are below:


New Skins Are Imminent

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In an effort to keep building the hype train for Lost Vikings Week, Blizzard has put up a preview video for some new skins that should be arriving soon. If I had to pick a favorite out of this kit, it’s definitely Harlequin Nazeebo. You’re not just getting the D3 Witch Doctor in full-on court jester refinery, but also his zombies in similar garb. It really feels like a lot more art for the purchase, which is something of a perk when you’ve got a hero with a bunch of semi-permanent additions rolling around with him. Love Bug Anub’arak is certainly the runner-up, because a giant terrifying ladybug intent on swarming your face RIGHT OFF has got its own appeal. Read below for the full list and Blizzard’s preview, or hit up the official blog. Eager to take center stage with your minions as a chequered trickster? What about partying