Several members of the design team took to Reddit today to answer questions from the community. As you can imagine the topics were wide-ranging and the thread is already over 600 posts at the time of this writing. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or the patience to wade thru a 600 post Reddit thread, we did it for you. Here are some of the more interesting takeaways from this highly informative Q&A: Probius It was a conscious design to not have Photon Cannon prioritize Heroes. They did not want Probius to be a lane bully able to zone out enemy Heroes with aggressive Photon Cannon placement. Probius is meant to be more of a defensive Hero. Having the Cannon auto-target minions first forces players to decide between forward placement to help clear minion waves or rear placement to defend against diving Heroes. Builder Heroes have traditionally been difficult to


Why you should be scared of Arthas

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What do we know about Hero design and balance philosophy? If it doesn’t work, fix it. The problem with this is you see multiple changes made to certain Heroes that the Development Team either just can’t get right or gets too right and then has to tune them back again. We have seen this with many Heroes in the past, most recently with Murky. His rework was so effective in the lower leagues that he became the new first pick/first ban Hero and an ultimate pain to play against. So what did the development team do? They nerfed him. The opposite can be said for Arthas. Arthas has, since the game’s launch, been one of those Heroes for whom the Development Team cannot seem to get the right balance. Due to his versatile play style and lock down potential it’s very difficult to keep him in check especially when introducing

Remember the new Hero and big changes they previewed at the Western Clash Deep Dive panel yesterday? You can now get a hands on look at these changes yourself by logging into the Public Test Realm. This particular patch is huge. Here are just a few of the highlights: Probius is a new high damage Specialist from the Starcraft universe The Cho’gall event is returning A new Party Frames feature has been added On Fire effects have returned A Kill Feed has been added Multiple Hero changes including reworks to Cho’gall, Gazlowe, Anub’arak, and Arthas As always, this is the PTR so things are subject to change. This patch is expected to be rolled out to the live server next week. Read all about everything included in this massive patch below:


Western Clash Deep Dive Panel

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The first day of the Western Clash brought us the announcement of Probius and several upcoming features that will soon be added to the game. The final day of the Western Clash provided additional information about these and other topics courtesy of the Deep Dive panel. While everyone else was catching their breath from from the thrilling matches, Claudio Gentilini took to the stage to share some knowledge. Here is a quick rundown of what we learned: Probius is a high damage ranged Specialist who uses potent area-denial abilities to keep enemies at a safe distance Probius has no baseline mana regeneration Probius has no mount Probius strengths include strong area control and high burst damage His weaknesses are his fragility, his set up time, and that he needs a front line Probius only restores mana when within range of a Pylon Probius has a Level 13 Talent to increase


New Build Playable at Gamescom

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In addition to an avalanche of official news from Blizzard, Gamescom is also providing a wealth of interesting unofficial news, in the form of observations from attendees.  Much of this information comes from the fact that Heroes of the Storm is playable on the show floor.  However, the version of the game that they are playing is not the same as what is currently on the live servers.  There are some significant changes to several Heroes, which could foreshadow upcoming changes coming to the live servers. It is important to keep in mind when reading these reports that this is a show build, and there is no guarantee that these changes will make it into the official game.  With that disclaimer out of the way, lets take a look at some of the possible changes that may soon make their way into the Nexus.  These comments are based on a


Butcher and Eternal Conflict

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Episode 21: Butcher and Eternal Conflict In this weeks episode we discuss the new Diablo Map, how it works, Nexus news, thoughts and opinions since the game has launched and much more! Help support the show: Gameplay


Arthas Guide: King of Ganks

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Arthas is probably one of most recognizable characters in all of Blizzard. The Lich King in Heroes of the Storm is a difficult character to play so he is often labeled as underpowered or the worst tank. I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. With some practice and proper use of his abilities you can make the Lich King the enemy teams nightmare. If you want to check out the basics of Arthas head over to the BlizzPro hero page that can be found here Abilities Frostmourne Hungers (trait D) is an amazing trait that can be activated to power an auto attack and restore mana. The best thing about this trait is that it resets the auto attack animation for surprising burst damage that is often unexpected. The way to reset the attack animation is right after you get hit confirmation(damage has happened from

Lich King

Talking Balance Changes – Arthas

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Arthas is an imposing and iconic character in the Warcraft universe. Unfortunately, prior to today’s changes, Arthas has been a bit … well, let’s just say he felt more like a creep than a hero, at times. That’s been changed, however, as the Lich King has received a rather substantial set of boosts to his core skills. Basic Attack damage increased from 55 (+5 per level) to 59 (+6 per level). Frost Strike damage increased from 60 (+11 per level) to 80 (+15 per level). Frostmourne Hungers Basic Attack damage bonus from 20% to 40%. Duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds. Rune Tap now requires 3 stacks for an 8% heal, rather than 5 stacks for a 10% heal. Despite being a Warrior class hero, Arthas is getting pretty noticeable upgrades to his damage capabilities. His basic attack is going to be a bit more intimidating right from the start of the match and will scale better with each level. Frost Strike will be receiving a 33% starting damage buff


Storm Watch: Arthas

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Hello guys! I am starting a weekly article every Friday that covers the known playable heroes for Heroes of the Storm, with the first being a fan favorite, Arthas. With these weekly articles I will also be going over a little bit of backstory for each character I cover for all you folks who may not be familiar with Blizzard’s Universes. Alright so lets see how Arthas will effect the battlefield! Backstory Arthas Menethil was the son of Terenas Menethil II, King of Lordaeron and was the Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand led by Uther the Lightbringer. He was trained as a paladin by Uther. Even though he was a promising knight, he went down a path of vengeance which ultimately lead to what you see him as in Heroes of the Storm. This all started with the Culling of Stratholme. Stratholme was one of the first cities to be struck by