Patch Notes For March 14, 2017

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A new patch has been released on the live servers bringing with it several major additions. Probius is the latest Hero to enter the Nexus. This brave little Probe was the star of the Legacy of the Void cinematic specializes in zone control thru the use of Pylons. He does high damage but requires a certain amount of setup time to be at his most effective. A new season of Ranked Play has also begun. Dubbed 2017 Season 1 this new season is expected to last until the week of June 13th. Players can earn the usual portraits, gold, and a unique mount based on their highest ranked achieved. Rewards for the previous season have also been awarded out so be sure to log in to collect that booty. Several Heroes have also been reworked in this patch. Check out the Patch Notes below to read all about the changes

Remember the new Hero and big changes they previewed at the Western Clash Deep Dive panel yesterday? You can now get a hands on look at these changes yourself by logging into the Public Test Realm. This particular patch is huge. Here are just a few of the highlights: Probius is a new high damage Specialist from the Starcraft universe The Cho’gall event is returning A new Party Frames feature has been added On Fire effects have returned A Kill Feed has been added Multiple Hero changes including reworks to Cho’gall, Gazlowe, Anub’arak, and Arthas As always, this is the PTR so things are subject to change. This patch is expected to be rolled out to the live server next week. Read all about everything included in this massive patch below:


Cho, the smarter head.

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Cho is the better half of Cho’gall the two headed Ogre Magi. Being the tank portion of the two, Cho brings several unique skills to the nexus which we will explore below. Skills Q Surging Fist After charging up for a second Cho charges forward quickly in a superman punch that will deal a base 46 damage and knock everyone aside. This is a wonderful skill for body blocking people and setting Cho up for his other skills or even to get out of risky situation. Keep in mind that you can be stunned out of it during your windup so if you’re holding it and get stunned, you’re now without your punch. W Consuming Blaze This is such a wonderful skill for Cho in that this is an AOE nuke and a heal for you at the same time. It’ll deal a base 134 damage and if you connect

Episode 39: Cho’Gall Madness In this weeks episode we discuss everything about Cho’Gall, the upcoming new map and more as we try a different look for the show with Twizz hosting Balrogfan and DJTyrant this week!

The Cho’Gall Week has arrived and with it the new map Towers of Doom. If you attended BlizzCon 2015 or had the virtual ticket then Cho’Gall will be activated on your account. If you didn’t and want Cho’Gall, then you need to find a friend that has him and play with them on it. After a few games of doing this you will then unlock the character yourself, effectively spreading what Dustin Browder has called the “Cho’Gall virus”. Other big features besides some balance changes to heroes, are changes to the in game score screen which will now show kills and assists instead of takedowns. Also the scaling changes and respawn timers have been altered. Characters will now be a bit stronger in the early game and early kills will have more meaning behind them as the respawn timers are increased for levels 1-10. You check check out the full


Fighting The Cho’gall Virus

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Prepare yourselves Heroes! The Cho’gall virus is about to strike the Nexus. Cho’gall may be the most unique addition yet to Heroes of the Storm, both in his design as well as his distribution. For those who do not already know, Cho’gall is a two headed ogre who is simultaneously controlled by two players. He is arriving in the next patch, which should be released on November 17th. Initially, you will not be able to purchase Cho’gall with gold or real money. Anyone who attended Blizzcon or purchased a Virtual Ticket, as well as a few randomly selected players, will have Cho’gall added to their accounts for free. For everyone else, the only way to get Cho’gall is to party up with someone who already owns him, and win two games while playing Cho’gall with them. Since this is the only way to acquire him, the number of Cho’gall Heroes in games

A preview video has been released highlighting new Heroes, Skins, and Mounts that will soon make their way into the Nexus. While many of the items featured in the video were previously shown at Blizzcon, we do get to see a new skin for each Hero as well as a new mount. I am particularly excited for Corruptor Cho’Gall and Ringmaster Greymane. I was rocking the third tint of Ringmaster Greymane every chance I could get at Blizzcon, but at the time I thought it was his master skin. There is also a Ringmaster’s Pride mount, so we should be able to expect a Ringmaster Greymane bundle that includes the Hero, skin, and mount. While we don’t have a release date for most of these items, Cho’gall has been confirmed for release on November 17th. I would expect his different skins to made available at that time, but given the