Patch Notes For March 14, 2017

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A new patch has been released on the live servers bringing with it several major additions. Probius is the latest Hero to enter the Nexus. This brave little Probe was the star of the Legacy of the Void cinematic specializes in zone control thru the use of Pylons. He does high damage but requires a certain amount of setup time to be at his most effective. A new season of Ranked Play has also begun. Dubbed 2017 Season 1 this new season is expected to last until the week of June 13th. Players can earn the usual portraits, gold, and a unique mount based on their highest ranked achieved. Rewards for the previous season have also been awarded out so be sure to log in to collect that booty. Several Heroes have also been reworked in this patch. Check out the Patch Notes below to read all about the changes

Remember the new Hero and big changes they previewed at the Western Clash Deep Dive panel yesterday? You can now get a hands on look at these changes yourself by logging into the Public Test Realm. This particular patch is huge. Here are just a few of the highlights: Probius is a new high damage Specialist from the Starcraft universe The Cho’gall event is returning A new Party Frames feature has been added On Fire effects have returned A Kill Feed has been added Multiple Hero changes including reworks to Cho’gall, Gazlowe, Anub’arak, and Arthas As always, this is the PTR so things are subject to change. This patch is expected to be rolled out to the live server next week. Read all about everything included in this massive patch below:


Western Clash Deep Dive Panel

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The first day of the Western Clash brought us the announcement of Probius and several upcoming features that will soon be added to the game. The final day of the Western Clash provided additional information about these and other topics courtesy of the Deep Dive panel. While everyone else was catching their breath from from the thrilling matches, Claudio Gentilini took to the stage to share some knowledge. Here is a quick rundown of what we learned: Probius is a high damage ranged Specialist who uses potent area-denial abilities to keep enemies at a safe distance Probius has no baseline mana regeneration Probius has no mount Probius strengths include strong area control and high burst damage His weaknesses are his fragility, his set up time, and that he needs a front line Probius only restores mana when within range of a Pylon Probius has a Level 13 Talent to increase


Patch Notes for March 29th, 2016

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A new patch has been released for Heroes of the Storm, and its a whopper. This is the same patch that has been up for testing on the PTR for the last week, so there are no real surprises here. Rather than write a patch sized article about the patch, here is a quick list of some of the major items that it contains: New Hero: Dehaka, Primal Pack Leader, is a Starcraft Warrior. Think of him like the warrior equivalent of Falstad or Brightwing due to the global presence provided by his Z ability, Brushstalker. New Battleground: Lost Cavern. This is a single lane map in the style of Tomb of the Spider Queen and the only objective is to destroy the enemy Core. It is only available in custom games, so it is perfect for ARAMs or other user created game modes. Hero League has received a bit of


E3 Reveal, Monk, and Skeleton King

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Episode 22: E3 Reveal, Monk, and Skeleton King The show was a little on the rushed side due to us waiting for Blizzard to take the stage at E3.  Luckily they did not disappoint!  We dive into what they released as far as information.  Leoric, Skeleton King, Monks, Treasure Goblins and more!  Then we give you a solid Gazlowe build and mini guide on how to play this goblin as solid as possible.  We hope you enjoy! Gameplay


Gazlowe Build:Mechanical Animal

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Gazlowe is the mechanical one man wrecking crew in Heroes of the Storm. Gazlowe is a strong lane pusher who excels at team combos with Grav-o-Bomb and being strong at positional battles that take place on key map objectives. While he can be a confusing hero who takes a lot of practice the pay off is well worth it. For all the basics on Gazlowe head on over to the Blizzpro hero page here. Abilities Salvager (trait) is a useful passive that can really up Gazlowe’s ability to stay in lane. Remember you can destroy turrets that won’t be useful by targeting them with the D button. Destroyed structures will also drop scrap so look for those during a push. Rock It Turret (Q) This is what make Gazlowe a force during the lane and team fight phase. These can be a pain for the enemy to deal with when


Weekly Sale – Gazlowe and 2 Hero Skins

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With the release of closed beta came the release of the weekly sales in Heroes of the Storm. So far it appears that Blizzard will offer one hero and 2 hero skins (with one of the skins being the hero on sale) and they will be 50% off. This week’s featured hero on sale is Gazlowe and you can pick him up for $3.24. The hero skin is the Big Top Gazlowe for $4.99 and the other hero skin is the Magni Muradin Skin for $4.99. This sale will last for 7 days and then be replaced by a new sale. Unfortunately the sale only pertains to real money transactions, so if you’re buying the hero with gold, you’ll still have to pay the full price. You can read more about this week’s weekly sale here.


Storm Watch: Gazlowe

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Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Storm Watch where we will be going over Gazlowe. Gazlowe is a ranged damage dealer that uses gadgets and lazers to get the job done. Back Story “Time is money, friends”, a saying all goblins live by and Gazlowe is no exception, or is he? As a youngster, Gazlowe was a thief but managed to make enough coin through his adventures to start his own legitimate business. A business which boomed into one of the world’s most successful trading ports. Gazlowe manages the trading operations on Kalimdor in the town of Ratchet. After the events of the Third War, Gazlowe was approached by Thrall to be the Chief Engineer in the building of Orgrimmar. He was tasked with finding a reliable water source in the dry, harsh climate of Durotar. Digging tunnels outside the city in search of an underground well, Gazlowe and