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New Ranked Play Details Announced

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As we near the end of Season 3 it is time to look to the future of Ranked Play. The new Ranked Play Season will begin next week with the release of the Probius patch. The first change is that seasons will now be categorized by year so we won’t be talking about Ranked Play Season 23 five years from now. The new season will be called 2017 Season 1 and it is scheduled to run until the week of June 13. The format of Ranked Play will remain the same, with Hero League being solo queue only and Team League being for groups of 2, 3 or 5. According to the official Ranked Play announcement, which you can find here, the solo queue format of HL has been a huge success. Team League numbers have also risen with more people playing TL games than ever before. They do plan to continue


Ten Thousand Kicks

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I was fortunate enough to be a guest recently on the Nexus Trolls podcast. I had a great time doing it and one of the topics we discussed really stuck with me. The show features a weekly strategy segment entitled Mystic’s Shakedown. In this particular episode the topic of discussion was One-Trick Ponies, or players who specialize in one particular Hero. It was inspired by the following quote from Bruce Lee. The point is clear. It is better to be a master of one thing than to be mediocre at many. While this makes perfect sense in the real world, does it hold true in the Nexus? Is it better to be great at one Hero or to be average at many Heroes? I don’t think the answer is quite as obvious. On the show, Mystic gave his thoughts which you can hear in the video below (there is also an awesome


Team Composition 101

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Draft strategy can be a complicated subject, but at its core it is all about building a better team than your opponent. While much of the conversation around drafting centers around tier lists and meta Heroes, the first step in being able to draft well is understanding what a solid team comp actually consists of. It isn’t enough to know which Heroes are ranked the highest; you also have to understand when it is correct to pick them. Games are often lost because of fundamental flaws in the draft that teams are simply not able to overcome. To help prevent this problem let’s talk about basic team building. Rather than focus on specific Heroes, or even specific Roles, we are going to discuss the overarching themes that go into building a solid team comp. The Front Line A solid front line consists of two things; a tank and an off tank.

Season 3 of Ranked Play is fast approaching and there are some big changes coming with this new season. For starters, Hero League will now be solo queue only. No more duo queuing your way up the ladder. As a result, Team League is being changed to accommodate parties of 2, 3, and 5 players. At this point these changes are only being implemented on a trial basis for Season 3. They may or may not remain in effect for future seasons based on how they affect ranked play as a whole. They will also be making some changes to how players are disbursed throughout the different leagues in order to even out the Bell Curve a bit. At Blizzcon they mentioned that they felt too many players were ending up in Silver and they would like to see some of these players moved into Gold. They also play to reduce to


Season 2 Details Revealed

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Some might say it’s the end of an era. The first official season of Ranked Play is coming to a close soon, which means its time to start looking forward to Season 2. With that in mind, Blizzard recently released a post detailing what to expect in the upcoming season. Here is what you need to know: Season 2 will run the week of September 12th thru the week of December 12th. Just like Season 1, players will need to complete ten placement games in order to be ranked. Each player’s certainty level is also being loosen to allow players to more easily move up or down in Rank for their first few games. Players will once again earn unique portraits based on their highest Rank achieved in both Hero and Team League. Players who reach Platinum in Hero League or Bronze in Team League will be awarded with the Elemental

Today’s patch brings with it one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the history of Heroes of the Storm. Season One of Ranked Play has officially arrived! Not only is Preseason finally over, but Ranked Play itself has also received a dramatic overhaul. Ranks have been removed and replaced with League Tiers. Rather than working their way down from Rank 50 to Rank 1, players will progress thru a series of Leagues. There are seven Leagues in total, consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master. Each League is further broken up into five Divisions, such as Gold 5 or Gold 1. If you advance your way to the top of a League, you will have to win a Promotion Match to earn your way into the next highest League. Similarly, if you lose too many games you will have to win a Demotion Match to avoid


Q&A Involving Hero League Revamp

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Take note Nexus fans! We’re going to get a live Q&A with blizzard devs soon to ask questions about the upcoming revamp. Check out the info below on when and where to ask your questions about the upcoming changes!


I have been having so much fun playing Team League recently! Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Who plays Team League?”. Maybe you have heard that the queue takes forever, or that it is impossible to find anyone to play with, or that everyone who plays Team League is a pro. Well times have changed. It is easier than ever to get into Team League and I have two good reasons for why you should be playing. Fun I play a lot of solo queue and I am just going to be honest, being a part of a full group of five players is simply a more enjoyable way to play. Win or lose, the added level of communication and coordination that goes along with a premade team adds a whole new dimension to the game. I’m not just talking about playing with friends either, I mean playing with


Stunningly Effective

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While the days of the Stun Meta may be behind us, stuns are still an important and effective part of the game. So much so that Blizzard recently introduced a series of balance changes on the PTR aimed to further reduce the power of stuns. Don’t be deceived however, stuns will continue to be a valuable addition to any team comp. This is especially true for solo queue players in Hero League. In competitive play stuns are valued in large part because of their ability to help secure kills. Teams are so coordinated that being able to stun an opponent, even if it is only for a second, allows them to focus fire and quickly eliminate the enemy Hero, or follow up with an additional stun if necessary. When you only have the briefest of windows to capitalize on an opponent’s mistakes, stuns can make all the difference. As a


The Obvious Truth

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Heroes of the Storm is a very complex game, especially when it comes to drafting. If you have watched any competitive Heroes games then you have no doubt heard the announcers go on at length about the many considerations that go into a good draft. They analyze these factors to speculate about which Hero a team should pick next, and to determine who “won” the draft. Analysis like this is great, and understanding the thought processes that go into why a team selects the Heroes that they do is a great resource. Even if you don’t watch pro games, you have probably had people in your Hero League games say that your team should pick X Hero because he is great on this map or because he synergizes well with another Hero. This can also be useful information, and it is always nice when your team communicates during the draft. Whether

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