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Known as “Wacky Match” by some, Quick Match has always been a mode of play where almost anything goes. This is the natural by-product of creating a team from five random people who are playing whichever Heroes strike their fancy. Blizzard has traditionally embraced this style of play and avoided making hard and fast matchmaking rules for QM as a result. However, they do understand that not every combination of five Heroes is viable and over time they have added more and more matchmaking parameters to improve the overall QM experiences. Community Manager Ravinix took to the forums recently to detail a new set of guidelines that have been implemented into matchmaking for QM. Greetings, Heroes! If you’ve been playing Quick Match in the past week, you may have noticed some differences in your recent team compositions. We’ve implemented some changes to the matchmaker to further define some of the role-flexing Heroes


Season 1 Extended

by Alebeard on

Good news! Blizzard announced earlier today that Season 1 is being extended and will now last until September 13th, as opposed to the week of August 23rd as previously scheduled. This gives players a couple more weeks to try and hit that next Tier, or for those not in Platinum or higher to complete their Team League Placements in order to earn the Elemental Lizard Mount. Going forward the target length for Seasons will be around three months. The announcement also contained a tease that they will be sharing even more improvements to the Ranked Play systems “very soon”. You can find the complete announcement from Blizzard simply by scrolling down.

Spyrian released a blog post today detailing the current state of matchmaking. The majority of the post discusses the improvement that have already been made, and the impact of those changes. These changes include an increased focus on match fairness, lessening of the chances that new and veteran players will get matched together, party size restrictions, and ‘the warrior’ rule. Even if you are up to speed on these previous changes, there are some interesting numbers included to highlight the progress that has been made. While matchmaking continues to be a hot topic in the community, there is no denying that the system has vastly improved over the last few months. Going forward they are working on parameters to reduce the chances of teams getting matched with multiple Heroes who have limited lane presence or who fill unique roles. Heroes such as Cho’gall, Abathur, or Nova. They are also monitoring

Community Manager Spyrian took to the official forums yesterday to announce that additional matchmaking guidelines have been added to address the issue of party size difference in Quick Match. In a nutshell, the change involves lessening the possibility that you will be matched against a party that has three more members than what you or your party have. Not sure what this means? Simply add three to the number of players in your party, and you shouldn’t be matched versus parties of that size or higher. For example, a two player party should not be matched versus a full five stack (2+3=5). There has already been some confusion regarding this change, so here are a few important points to keep in mind: This change only applies to Quick Match. There are currently no guidelines of this type for Hero League. This change only lessens the chance that you will be