Known as “Wacky Match” by some, Quick Match has always been a mode of play where almost anything goes. This is the natural by-product of creating a team from five random people who are playing whichever Heroes strike their fancy. Blizzard has traditionally embraced this style of play and avoided making hard and fast matchmaking rules for QM as a result. However, they do understand that not every combination of five Heroes is viable and over time they have added more and more matchmaking parameters to improve the overall QM experiences. Community Manager Ravinix took to the forums recently to detail a new set of guidelines that have been implemented into matchmaking for QM. Greetings, Heroes! If you’ve been playing Quick Match in the past week, you may have noticed some differences in your recent team compositions. We’ve implemented some changes to the matchmaker to further define some of the role-flexing Heroes


Quick Match Queue Times Improved

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Have you felt like you are waiting less time to get into Quick Match games recently? A post on the official forums from Community Manager Rathmyr confirms that queue times are indeed faster for most players and explains how this improvement was made. The TLDR version is that there was a matchmaking rule in place that gave priority to those players who had been waiting longest for a game and would “hold” other players from getting a match until these players found a game. This rule was being applied to players in normal skill ranges even though the players who were waiting for games were not in this same skill range. As a result, they decided to remove this rule for players within normal skill ranges and the result was faster queue times. From all of us normals out there, thank you Team 1! You will find a copy of the

Today’s patch brings with it one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the history of Heroes of the Storm. Season One of Ranked Play has officially arrived! Not only is Preseason finally over, but Ranked Play itself has also received a dramatic overhaul. Ranks have been removed and replaced with League Tiers. Rather than working their way down from Rank 50 to Rank 1, players will progress thru a series of Leagues. There are seven Leagues in total, consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master. Each League is further broken up into five Divisions, such as Gold 5 or Gold 1. If you advance your way to the top of a League, you will have to win a Promotion Match to earn your way into the next highest League. Similarly, if you lose too many games you will have to win a Demotion Match to avoid

Spyrian released a blog post today detailing the current state of matchmaking. The majority of the post discusses the improvement that have already been made, and the impact of those changes. These changes include an increased focus on match fairness, lessening of the chances that new and veteran players will get matched together, party size restrictions, and ‘the warrior’ rule. Even if you are up to speed on these previous changes, there are some interesting numbers included to highlight the progress that has been made. While matchmaking continues to be a hot topic in the community, there is no denying that the system has vastly improved over the last few months. Going forward they are working on parameters to reduce the chances of teams getting matched with multiple Heroes who have limited lane presence or who fill unique roles. Heroes such as Cho’gall, Abathur, or Nova. They are also monitoring

Community Manager Spyrian took to the official forums yesterday to announce that additional matchmaking guidelines have been added to address the issue of party size difference in Quick Match. In a nutshell, the change involves lessening the possibility that you will be matched against a party that has three more members than what you or your party have. Not sure what this means? Simply add three to the number of players in your party, and you shouldn’t be matched versus parties of that size or higher. For example, a two player party should not be matched versus a full five stack (2+3=5). There has already been some confusion regarding this change, so here are a few important points to keep in mind: This change only applies to Quick Match. There are currently no guidelines of this type for Hero League. This change only lessens the chance that you will be


Match Fairness Update

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Community Manager Spyrian took to the official forums today to share some thoughts on the current state of Matchmaking, as well as some changes that we might expect in the future. His post was #549 in an ongoing thread regarding Match Fairness, so it isn’t the easiest thing to find. Have no fear, Blizzpro has you covered, and the entire post can be found at the end of this article. Here are some of the highlights: Pre-made Parties vs Solo Players: They will continue to monitor this, and will need to collect additional data before making any changes. They are looking at the coordination advantage that being in a party provides, as well as the team synergy that a pre-made party often has compared to a team of solo queue players. I think this second point is often overlooked when people talk about pre-mades versus solo players, so it is

While it wasn’t included in the original patch notes, Community Manager Spyrian just released a separate blog post announcing that Phase One of the eagerly awaited matchmaking changes has been rolled out onto the live servers. Phase One appears to be mainly focused on match quality. No changes have been made to MMR ratings at this time. The core issue with the original matchmaking process was that it was based on the Starcraft 2 system. While this system worked well in a 1 versus 1 game, it was not ideally suited for a team game with a wide range of variables. As a result, the Heroes team has completely reinvented the matchmaking system to cater specifically to the unique challenges that a game like Heroes of the Storm presents. Based on comments that Blizzard has made in the past, it seemed as if the old system placed similar weight on


Matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard released a blog post yesterday detailing how the matchmaking works in Heroes of the Storm. Matchmaking has been a big topic lately as players didn’t really know how it was working and what criteria it looks for when finding players for a match. Turns out that HotS uses a very similar matchmaking system to Starcraft II which should really come as no surprise. But since SCII is largely balanced around 1v1 play, the matchmaking needs to be a little different in HotS. You can check out the official post down below! Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen several conversations pop up within the Heroes community in which some players seemed a little mystified by how the matchmaker is intended to work, and how it interacts with the regional game servers around the world. We’d like to shed a bit more light on matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm,