Balance Update For February 27, 2017

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A new Balance Update has just been released. As expected, Murky has received several nerfs, which in the words of the developers are aimed at some of the more irritating aspects of the Hero. This is good news for everyone who has been pulling their hair out playing against this tenacious little guy. Varian is also taking a big hit, mainly with the removal of the stun component of the Warbringer Talent. Instead of a stun it will now increase the slow duration. Varian’s point and click stuns have also become a source of frustration to many players, so this should be a welcome change when it comes to the enjoyment of the game. Malfurion is another popular Hero who is receiving nerfs. In his case it is the lockdown potential of his Entangling Roots (E) and associated Talents which is being tuned down. Others Heroes receiving changes include Tychus,


The Murloc Strikes Back

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With the release of the Lucio patch to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has seemingly resurrected a much-loved Hero. A former glorified character that once upon a time arguably took down Team DK, the Korean giants, for Cloud9 at the very first Global Championship. That’s right, Murky the Baby Murloc! For some time now, Murky has not been favoured in the Meta for multiple reasons; mostly because recent Hero releases allow his style of play to be easily countered. Developer Comment: Mrrgrgrlgrl! Rise my brother murlocs! Mrrrgrgrlrlgrl! Vengeance will be ours! In examining Murky, his original health and egg timers are vestiges of a different time, created before even Jaina entered the Nexus. It seems the Developers realized that post Murky, Hero releases have not been favourable to him and have decided to buff up a few things to compensate. Murky has been a niche pick for quite some time


Patch Notes For February 14, 2017

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The Lucio patch has been released on the live server, which means it is time to rock out to the soothing sounds of futuristic Overwatch EDM. Check out this guide for tips on how to play this latest Support Hero. The other big Heroes related news in this patch is the rework to Murky. Based on early PTR feedback, the general consensus seems to be that this new iteration of Murky is crazy OP. One of the more interesting Talent additions is Egg Hunt, which allows Murky to place several fake Eggs which cast slime when destroyed. To help make it harder to tell which is the real Egg. Murky has 5 seconds of Stealth after emerging from his Egg. Murky may even be able to function as a tank now thanks to Talents like the reworked Fish Tank, Egg Shell, and Big Tuna Kahuna. Even if you don’t play

The PTR is live and everyone’s favorite upbeat DJ is ready to turn in up. The PTR will be available until February 13th, with Lucio expected to hit the live servers the following day. In addition to a new Support Hero, this patch will also bring with it the For Azeroth! event, which you can read more about here. While players will not be able to compete this event on the PTR, they may encounter elements in the course of play. This patch also includes quite a few Hero changes. Notable changes include buffs to Valeera, a Murky rework, and a swap of Varian’s Level 13 and 16 Talents. Read all about these changes and everything else currently included in this PTR build below.


Skills Q Slime Murky squirts out…something from his body. Slimy and nasty it initally applies damage to everything that’s hit by it and also affect it with the Slime status. Slimed things also take additional damage from this particular skill. It gets out of control in a hurry. All of these skills are free. Go hog wild! W Pufferfish This stupid fish, this skill sends out a little fish that charges up for 3 seconds and then explodes, dealing damage to everything in its radius. The fish can be destroyed after a few hits so take care on your placement of it, place it on top of enemy creeps or towers to make it hard to kill off for that assured damage. E Safety Bubble Probably his most infurating skill, you ever get this guy so close to death and then this stupid bubble comes out and he runs off


Explanations on Murky Changes

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Murky’s been a decidedly controversial hero since he was released. The adorable murloc has been difficult for teams to deal with, whether as an ally or an opponent. After numerous complaints and what were hopefully at least some constructive suggestions, the Heroes team made changes. Community Representative Trikslyr discussed these changes with Game Designer Kent-Erik Hagman, in an effort to be transparent with the community. Bringing unique concepts and ideas to the Nexus is a goal that’s very important to the Heroes design team, and Murky is a true manifestation of that goal. After listening to feedback from the community, it was clear that this rather unconventional Hero might need a few tweaks to help him fit more naturally in the Nexus. Game Designer Kent-Erik Hagman stopped by to provide insight on the changes we brought to Murky in our latest patch. Before we begin, the exact changes to Murky can

The recent Heroes of the Storm patch brought with it two very contentious additions: Murky and anti-snowballing measures. There’s been a lot of discussion as to whether or not either are healthy for the young game, and the developers have not been ignoring the discussion. Both Senior Game Designer Richard Khoo and Game Director Dustin Browder took the time to comment on the pair of problems. Browder on anti-snowballing measures: Good discussion! Here is our current thinking: We think that if you are 3 levels up you have, in a sense, won the leveling game. At that point, you’ve proven yourself in that area. We’re not sure it makes sense to be 6 levels up; that’s not the kind of fun we want for either team and probably represents a failure of our match-maker. We do not believe the game should get to the point where one team finds the game to


Basic Theory On Hiding Your Egg

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The decision to have an egg is not one that should be made lightly. If you do decide to do it however, it’s imperative that you hide it and keep it safe from natural predators like Jim Raynor and Kerrigan. They want nothing more than to find your unsuspecting egg and smash it, thus preventing you from essentially being immortal. Where should you hide it? That’s largely dependent on what portion of the game you’re in. Early Game While not particularly inventive, keeping your egg within your base initially is never a bad decision. Sturdy gates and menacing towers will keep foes at bay, leaving you free to go about your fishy business. If you do this however, it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on. If an enemy team pushes down that portion of the base and crushes your egg, you’ll need to drop it somewhere else or face


First Impressions: Murky

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Heroes of the Storm is supposed to be a hero brawler that defies genre conventions. That’s been Blizzard’s go-to line since the game was announced in its most recent iteration. While Abathur certainly has done so, most of the other heroes feel like necessary staples built into the foundation so that the game can work. No matter how far off course you want to travel, you need certain archetypes. You need heavies than can stun. You need late game heroes that can put out crippling DPS. You need heroes that can deliver crushing burst damage. Murky represents the second real conceptual test for the Heroes of the Storm team. Can you create a hero that centers around being easy to kill, and still make him useful and engaging for the players? The answer is, at this point at least, sort of. There’s no denying that Murky can be useful. His Puffer Fish


We are taught as adventurers in Warcraft from our earliest days to slaughter Murlocs by the droves. We raid their hovels, steal their clams, pilfer their possessions, but is there justice for these primitive fish people? No, never… until now. Murky promises vengeance in the newest trailer from the Heroes of the Storm team.