MVP Black

Korea has long been considered the best region in the game and based on the results of the Eastern Clash that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Much like the Western Clash, one region was clearly favored going into the event. Although eStar from China was considered a threat to break into the Top 3, L5 and MVP Black from Korea were thought to be a clear step above the other teams. Early play was dominated by the favorites. The first seven matches were all sweeps, putting a quick end to any hopes of a Cinderella story. While L5 comfortably advanced to the Winners Final, eStar and MVP Black battled in an epic five-game series with a spot in the Winner’s Final on the line. eStar jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead, but MVP Black was able to pull off a thrilling reverse sweep and steal the win

Fall Championship Semifinal 1 has come and gone and we here at Blizzpro have a re-cap for you on how it all played out. Recaps contain Spoilers. MVP Black(Korea) vs Fnatic(EU) Game 1. Map:Tomb of the Spider Queen Bans: Malfurion, Alarak, Gul’dan, Li-Ming MVP Black Draft: Valla(Sake), Muradin(Sign), Auriel(Merryday), Chen(Rich), Falstad(Kyocha) Fnatic Draft: E.T.C.(Breez), Tychus(Quakniix), Xul(Schwimpi), Leoric(Wubby), Rehgar(SmX) The game starts with both team doing 4 man rotations between top and mid lane.  At 6:18 there are still no deaths and Fnatic turns in their final gems for Webweavers. 1 for 1 trade at the 7:34 mark causing Chen to lose 30+ gems. 7:46 MVP turns in gems for Webweavers. At 9:42 Fnatic gets another turn in for their 2nd round of Webweavers.  MVP black loses both Top and Mid Forts on the push. At 12:18 Fnatic gets their 3rd Webweaver turn in and kills Muradin following up with a

A new mount will soon make its way into the Nexus in honor of MVP Black’s recent victory at the Spring Global Championship. Similar to the Cloud9 mount that was released after Blizzcon, this hexagon mount will feature the MVP Black logo and colors. What is different about this mount is that it will only be available for real money, but part of the proceeds will go directly to MVP Black. This is a great way to help support the players and teams that are devoting so much time and energy to the game. This mount will be released with the next patch and will be available until a new champion is crowned this June at the Summer Global Championship.

MVP Black is the best Heroes of the Storm team in the world. There is no debating this fact. MVP Black completely dominated the Spring Global Championship. Not only did they go a flawless 9-0 en route to the title, but also extended their undefeated streak in competitive play to 31-0. They are as close to perfection as we have seen in the short history of Heroes eSports. It was fitting that part of their celebration involved spanking each other with the trophy because that is what they did to their opponents throughout the tournament. The final day began with EDward Gaming defeating Team No Limit 2-1 in a closely fought series. EDward Gaming made a statement of their own in this event. Their journey to the Finals began in the first group stage, and including victories over Negative Synergy, Team Naventic, and the defending World Champion Cloud9. They even defeated

Forget everything you know about competitive Heroes of the Storm. Aside from MVP Black’s dominance, almost nothing went as expected today. Team Naventic looked shaky on day one, and things didn’t get any better for them on day two. They were easily defeated by MVP Black in their first match, and then they fell to Team Dignitas 2-1, despite winning the first game of the series. The real story isn’t that they lost, it is how flawed they looked in the process. They are a very momentum based team, and seem to have trouble bouncing back when facing adversity. When things are going well for them they look great, but when things go bad, they go very bad. Cloud9 was at the center of several exciting matches. They dropped their first series against EDward Gaming 2-1. They didn’t look especially sharp, and it took an unconventional Murky pick in game 2