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Known as “Wacky Match” by some, Quick Match has always been a mode of play where almost anything goes. This is the natural by-product of creating a team from five random people who are playing whichever Heroes strike their fancy. Blizzard has traditionally embraced this style of play and avoided making hard and fast matchmaking rules for QM as a result. However, they do understand that not every combination of five Heroes is viable and over time they have added more and more matchmaking parameters to improve the overall QM experiences. Community Manager Ravinix took to the forums recently to detail a new set of guidelines that have been implemented into matchmaking for QM. Greetings, Heroes! If you’ve been playing Quick Match in the past week, you may have noticed some differences in your recent team compositions. We’ve implemented some changes to the matchmaker to further define some of the role-flexing Heroes


Quick Match Queue Times Improved

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Have you felt like you are waiting less time to get into Quick Match games recently? A post on the official forums from Community Manager Rathmyr confirms that queue times are indeed faster for most players and explains how this improvement was made. The TLDR version is that there was a matchmaking rule in place that gave priority to those players who had been waiting longest for a game and would “hold” other players from getting a match until these players found a game. This rule was being applied to players in normal skill ranges even though the players who were waiting for games were not in this same skill range. As a result, they decided to remove this rule for players within normal skill ranges and the result was faster queue times. From all of us normals out there, thank you Team 1! You will find a copy of the

The Nexus Challenge, and the marketing push that accompanied it, has brought a large influx of new players into the Nexus. For many of these players, their Heroes experience has been limited to Versus AI games. This is understandable since playing against bots is a common choice for new players in general, and it also the most efficient way to complete the challenge and reap the benefits. Fortunately, many of the players who were drawn into the Nexus by the lure of Overwatch rewards have discovered that they actually enjoy Heroes of the Storm. As these players continue to play the game it is natural that they will consider expanding to other modes of play. For some, making the jump from computer opponents to real opponents can be an intimidating one. Given the dramatic difference between the style of play in AI and Quick Match games, I thought it would be


One of the downsides to Quick Match as a solo queue players is that you can often run into some very…interesting team compositions. While this problem certainly isn’t limited to solo queue players, if you are in a group with one or two other people you are likely to have at least some synergy within your team. If you queue alone though, there is not telling what the matchmaking gods might bestow upon you. While it can be frustrating to end up with a team like Cho’gall, Abathur, and Nova on Dragon Shire, you are going to have to play the game anyway. Rather than get upset and let it get you down, lets look at what you can do to try and make the best of the situation. For starters, stay positive. Even the ugliest of team comps can win. Be honest, have you ever had a game where

Community Manager Spyrian took to the official forums yesterday to announce that additional matchmaking guidelines have been added to address the issue of party size difference in Quick Match. In a nutshell, the change involves lessening the possibility that you will be matched against a party that has three more members than what you or your party have. Not sure what this means? Simply add three to the number of players in your party, and you shouldn’t be matched versus parties of that size or higher. For example, a two player party should not be matched versus a full five stack (2+3=5). There has already been some confusion regarding this change, so here are a few important points to keep in mind: This change only applies to Quick Match. There are currently no guidelines of this type for Hero League. This change only lessens the chance that you will be

While it wasn’t included in the original patch notes, Community Manager Spyrian just released a separate blog post announcing that Phase One of the eagerly awaited matchmaking changes has been rolled out onto the live servers. Phase One appears to be mainly focused on match quality. No changes have been made to MMR ratings at this time. The core issue with the original matchmaking process was that it was based on the Starcraft 2 system. While this system worked well in a 1 versus 1 game, it was not ideally suited for a team game with a wide range of variables. As a result, the Heroes team has completely reinvented the matchmaking system to cater specifically to the unique challenges that a game like Heroes of the Storm presents. Based on comments that Blizzard has made in the past, it seemed as if the old system placed similar weight on

Community Manager Spyrian has dropped some science about Hero League and Draft Mode today, presaging some big changes for when the Closed Beta starts up next week. The biggest items of note are the following: To run in Hero League, you’ll need to be at least Player Level 30 AND own at least 10 heroes, which doesn’t count freely accessible heroes. Versus is being renamed Quick Match. You’ll start at Rank 50 in the Hero League and work your way down to Rank 1… if you’re the best, that is. Folks might read the “requires ten owned heroes” as a money grab, but the blog goes into greater detail about why it’s a reasonable requirement (and NOT a money grab): briefly, since Draft Mode requires all heroes to be exclusive (meaning only one player can play that hero in the map) then owning ten heroes guarantees you’ll be able to choose