Several members of the design team took to Reddit today to answer questions from the community. As you can imagine the topics were wide-ranging and the thread is already over 600 posts at the time of this writing. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or the patience to wade thru a 600 post Reddit thread, we did it for you. Here are some of the more interesting takeaways from this highly informative Q&A: Probius It was a conscious design to not have Photon Cannon prioritize Heroes. They did not want Probius to be a lane bully able to zone out enemy Heroes with aggressive Photon Cannon placement. Probius is meant to be more of a defensive Hero. Having the Cannon auto-target minions first forces players to decide between forward placement to help clear minion waves or rear placement to defend against diving Heroes. Builder Heroes have traditionally been difficult to


Individual Hero XP Coming To Brawls

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In a response on the Reddit thread announcing this week’s Hero Brawl, Hammer Time, it was revealed that individual Hero XP will eventually be coming to Brawls. Here is the official comment from Game Designer John DeShazer: While the post itself is light on details, it is good to know that this often requested feature is in the works. It would make sense that this feature might accompany the upcoming rework to Account and Hero leveling, which there is also no ETA for. I don’t know about you, but I for one would play a lot more Brawls if they included Hero XP. If you would like to join the discussion, simply click here to visit the official Reddit thread.


Srey’s Pop Quiz

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Srey made an interesting post on Reddit yesterday entitled, The definitive guide to why you probably shouldn’t split-push as Azmodan (and why Hotslogs stats can be misleading). For those not familiar with Srey, he is currently the Warrior player for Dumpster Tier Superstars, and formerly of Tempo Storm and Vox Nihili. While he has played with several major North American teams, he may be best known for his Solo Queue Tier List. His post centers around the premise that the average Heroes player lacks a fundamental strategic understanding of the game, or what he calls the meta basics. In order to illustrate his point he provides a brief pop quiz for players to take. Let’s see how well you do. What is the meta for each map? I.E. Does the map have a solo lane, which lane is the solo, should you rotate between lanes, how important is wave clear,


Heroes Brawl Reddit Q&A Highlights

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Several members of the Heroes of the Storm team took to Reddit today to conduct a Heroes Brawl and Samuro themed Q&A. Here are some of the more interesting revelations from that discussion: Samuro’s Blizzcon eligibility: Samuro will not be available for play in the Blizzcon tournament. A hero needs to be in the wild for two weeks before it is playable in tournaments. Invulnerable fountains: They will not be making this change before Brawls go live. Their formula for siege heroes was too high and this will be adjusted going forward. Internal testing has shown that as players learn how to maximize their Objective advantage it often costs a team more than it gains them to remove a fountain. Balance in Brawls: They are relying on their standard hero balance a lot. That means there will be some heroes that are stronger and weaker. They would argue this happens on


Highlights from the Reddit Balance Q&A

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Several members of the Heroes of the Storm team took to Reddit today to answer questions from the community. They provided a ton of insight into specific Heroes, as well as their overall design philosophies. Here are the highlights in case you don’t feel like reading thru a 700+ comment post on your own: They are working on adding a reduced range version of Zealot Charge to the base kit of Artanis. They are satisfied with Tyrael‘s trait and do not plan to rework or replace it. They are fine with different Traits and Abilities having varying degrees of power. The next Heroes they are planning to redesign will be Arthas and Anub’arak. Nothing specific, but they would like to spruce up their Talents in keeping with the new design and Talent philosophy. These changes won’t be as large as the recent changes received by Kael’thas and Illidan. In a


Kael’thas Reddit Q&A Highlights

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While there has been a lot of discussion about the latest patch and the introduction of Kael’thas to the Nexus, a recent Reddit Q&A featuring BlizzJohnzee and Centaurik has garnered less attention. These two developers took time out of their busy schedules to answer a variety of user submitted questions.  Don’t be misled by the title of the Q&A, this was not simply a discussion about the latest Hero. Here are some of the topics they covered: Kael’thas The design process started with Verdant Spheres and the trait went thru many iterations. Early versions included automatic activation, tying spell power increase to the number of Spheres, and spell power increasing the longer a player waited between spells. The final version is based on wanting players to be able to make strategic decisions for how to best use this trait based on the situation. They discussed ways to counter Pyroblast such

Over on the Heroes of the Storm subreddit User CyaSteve is hosting a free tournament with the prize of Glory. While we are still very early in the phase of Heroes and lots of people are still not in, this will be a nice way to kinda get a taste of the tournament scene if you are one of the lucky currently playing. Head over to the Reddit thread to learn more information and sign up!