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For Azeroth Event Extended

by Alebeard on

It turns out that the “For Azeroth!” event ended a few hours earlier than originally intended. As a result of this abrupt ending, some players were left unable to complete the event. In typical Blizzard fashion, they are making this right by bringing back the event quest so that everyone has additional time to complete their games and claim the associated rewards. The quest is active now and will run until Sunday, March 26. Any progress towards completion that players had made prior to the original end of the event will carry over, so players can pick up where they left off.   In case you missed it, “For Azeroth” is a quest to play 15 games as a Warcraft Hero while in a group with someone on your Battlenet friends list. As a reward, players receive the Flames of Judgement Charger in Heroes of the Storm and the Primal


Winter Veil Returns To The Nexus

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Tis the season to be jolly and nothing makes players jollier than the promise of sweet rewards. Winter Veil is back and there is no better place to spend the holiday season than the Nexus. This year’s event will being on December 14th and run thru January 4th. Players who complete 25 games during that time will earn a Special Snowflake portrait and the Festive Treasure Goblin Mount. Each game played during the holiday event will also award an additional 25% bonus experience. If you would like to give yourself a special treat this holiday season there are also two new Winter Veil Skins and a new holiday mount. The Winter Veil 2016 Bundle includes the new Special Snowflake Mount, the Winter Veil Lunara skin, the Gingerdread Nazeebo skin, as well as both Heroes. There is also the Winter Veil Classic Bundle, which includes all of the previous Winter Veil items from


Hallow’s End Event Begins October 25th

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Hallow’ End, once just a World of Warcraft holiday, will return once again to the Nexus on October 25th. This year’s event will include a 50% experience bonus for most game modes, a new event specific portrait, new spookie skins for Valla and Xul, and a crazy new Eye Pad mount. The Nexus version of Hallow’s End will last until November 8th. Players can earn the unique Deputy Valla Portrait by completing 15 games before the end of the event. The Hallow’s End 2016 Bundle includes the Deputy Valla and Scarecrow Xul skins, the Eye Pad mount, as well as the Heroes themselves. The Hallow’s End 2016 Ultimate Bundle includes all of these items plus the Crimson Count Arthas, Buccaneer Falstad, and Infested Tychus skins along with associated Heroes. The Eye Pad mount is currently only available as part of these two bundles, but it may be added to the shop


The Lunar Festival Has Begun!

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The Lunar Festival is back, and this year’s event is better than ever. Last year’s event was essentially just new skins for Chen and Li Li, but this year’s event offers much more. For starters, there is a special event quest to complete 25 games during the Lunar Festival 2016. You can play Versus AI, Quick Match, or Ranked games in order to complete this quest. Completing this quest will earn you the Monkey Elder portrait, which is also new for this year’s event. Speaking of the Monkey Elder, there is also a special daily quest to catch the Monkey Elder. There is a 50% chance for this elusive little guy to spawn at the beginning of the game whenever someone on your team has yet to complete the quest that day. Unlike previous special event quests like defeating Treasure Goblins, this one cannot be completed alone. The Monkey Elder

This isn’t a big surprise given the items previewed in the recent In Development video, but Blizzard made it official today that the Lunar Festival will return to the Nexus starting on February 2nd. Like many recent events, this one will include a special portrait for completing a certain number of games during the holiday. In this case, playing 25 games before March 1st will get you the Monkey Elder portrait. Don’t let the name fool you, this is actually a pretty cool portrait. There is also a daily quest to catch the Monkey Elder. This elusive creature has a 50% chance to spawn at the start of each game. If you can defeat him, he will drop a Red Envelope containing 100 gold for each ally with an active Monkey Elder quest. It sounds like this guy will be much more difficult to kill than the Treasure Goblin, so