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Gazlowe Build:Mechanical Animal

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Gazlowe is the mechanical one man wrecking crew in Heroes of the Storm. Gazlowe is a strong lane pusher who excels at team combos with Grav-o-Bomb and being strong at positional battles that take place on key map objectives. While he can be a confusing hero who takes a lot of practice the pay off is well worth it. For all the basics on Gazlowe head on over to the Blizzpro hero page here.


Salvager (trait) is a useful passive that can really up Gazlowe’s ability to stay in lane. Remember you can destroy turrets that won’t be useful by targeting them with the D button. Destroyed structures will also drop scrap so look for those during a push.

Rock It Turret (Q) This is what make Gazlowe a force during the lane and team fight phase. These can be a pain for the enemy to deal with when they are set in the right positions and they are forced to focus on other targets. Try to place them in a way that will give them a chance to deal damage and are hard to reach. I like to keep them so the outer part of the radius is around where my tank will engage.

Deth Lazor (W) The laser can be a tough ability to use properly but the payoff is high damage to a big group of the enemies. Behind the tower or from a bush is often the best place to use this but if you have superior positioning during a team fight you may be able to charge it from the back line. Also a quick shot is great for revealing enemies who are stealthed.

Xplodium Charge (E) A great tool for zoning the enemy, wave clear, catching someone who isn’t paying attention, or using in combination with Grav-o-Bomb. Careful about overuse of this ability as it will sap your mana fairly quick and often be minimal damage. The main use of the Xplodium is the stun or the threat of the stun.

Heroic Abilities

Robo Goblin – (R) This is a ability that has it’s niche uses but overall not that great when compared to his other choice. I might take this in Haunted Mines or on a push heavy comp that needs the extra structure damage.

Grav-O-Bomb 3000 -(R) Very strong tool although it has a pretty high cool down. The combo with this is dropping an Explodium charge then putting the Grav-O-Bomb where the charge is. Practice the timing and you will see everyone get pulled to the center of the Xplodium which will go off shortly after hopefully stunning a big group. This works great in conjunction with other heroics such as Precision Strike, Phoenix or Pyroblast, Ring of Frost, Hungering Maw, or really any AOE heroic that requires the enemy to be close to each other to maximize the effect. Make sure you get a feel for the enemy team’s movement and tendencies because you will only get a couple chances to change the game with this combo. If Gazlowe misses the Grav-O-Bomb he will have to wait a while before it can be used again.

The Build

Level 1

Scrap-O-Matic Smelter – I’ve leaned more towards this recently as it effectively makes turret pay for themselves provided that you grab the scrap. I used to be constantly out of mana early game with Gazlowe trying to establish dominance in my lane but with Scrap-O-Matic Smelter that is no longer a problem. Extra TNT is still a great choice for that burst of damage when you land a big combo.

Level 4

Promote – I really like this talent on Gazlowe because on a lot of maps as it provides extra lane shove along with his turrets. Promoting the archers will give you the most damage and the warriors will give you beefy frontline minions that are good at pushing/soaking. Late game a promoted catapult can be a nightmare for the enemies core. To get the most out of Promote try to use it as often as possible as it will recharge fairly quick. If you feel that Promote won’t do you much because of the map or the enemy team comp then Goblin Fusion is a very strong choice at this level.

Level 7

Engine Gunk – This talent gives your turrets great utility with the slow. I like the slow against melee focused teams especially double tanks with dive heavy heroes such as Illidan or Kerrigan. If the enemy has less melee and more squishy range heroes then I like the Rock-It! Turret XL talent to maximize the output of damage.

Level 10

Grav-O-Bomb 3000 – see heroic section

Level 13

Turret Storage – Since you build around your turrets having more stores of them can be very helpful for team fights. If you find yourself the focus of the enemy quite often and need an escape tool then Sprint is the talent for you.

Level 16

Long Ranged Turrets – The range increase this gives your turrets is huge and can really help up Gazlowe’s damage while keeping him safe. I take this talent 99% of the time but would consider Stoneskin if the enemy is able to effectively focus their burst damage on Gazlowe.

Level 20

Miniature Black Hole – This really makes Gazlowe’s combo much easier to hit with the massive radius increase plus the extra damage helps melt those health pools. No other choice here is worth considering at this level since Black Hole is such a great talent.


The main focus early should be setting your turrets in spots that are hard to get to. Treat your turrets as if they are your tanks and stay behind them while punishing anyone who tries to take them down. Positioning is everything with Gazlowe so try not to overextend as he is lacking in any sort of escape early. Try to get your timers down for the map objectives or have others call them out because if you can get there early for things such as temples, tributes, or shrines then Gazlowe will create a big advantage when setting up turrets.

Once you hit mid to late game it’s all about punishing the team with the Xplodium/Grav-o-Bomb combo. Positioning will be important still and it’s often best to treat Gazlowe as if he’s a ranged hero. Also try to force team fights in areas where your turrets can do work for you. Gazlowe is a great team fighter but you will need your team to capitalize on your stun combo and sustained turret damage to truly shine.

Overall Gazlowe is a strong hero that really shines on maps like Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, and Dragon Shire but with good positioning and turret placement he can belong anywhere. I hope you were able to learn something and look forward to more guides from us here at BlizzPro!

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