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Tyrande Build: Marked for the Kill

by - 3 years ago

Tyrande is the Night Elf from Warcraft who is the High Priestess of Elune. In Heroes of the Storm she is a reliable support with a very high win rate especially recently. Her trait and her long range stun might be two of the best things in any heroes kit in this entire game. She’s a force to be reckoned with and best of all she can be the sole support on a team and handle things just fine. If you want to brush up on the basics of Tyrande you can check out her hero page located here.

Basic Abilities

Hunters Mark – (Activate-able Trait) This trait alone is the reason Tyrande is good. With a little team coordination it allows you to kill the unkillable enemies such as Johanna, Butcher, and Cho’gall. Not only that it allows your team the ability to quickly remove a priority target like the support or assassin especially if you hit Lunar Flare.

Light of Elune – (Q) A pretty decent heal especially when you take the level 13 heal. You almost should almost never just cast it on yourself as it heals both the target and the user. So even using it on a lane minion is better if Tyrande requires a heal. The heal Tyrande receives is half of what her target gets so if you really need to heal then self cast it but you should be constantly topping yourself off by healing others from the back line.

Sentinel – (W) The utility of this ability is amazing. Granting vision to an area of the map can save your team or help them plan if something is safe to do. It’s great for checking enemy mercenary camps to see if a gank is possible. It’s also a wonderful tool for hunting down that pesky Abathur or Murky egg. The possibilities are endless and the damage scaling on it is also very impressive so employ proper use of this skill at all times to maximize Tyrande’s effectiveness within the team.

Lunar Flare – (E) A long range stun that last one second, does damage, and has a fairly short cooldown at 8 seconds? Yes please!! Seriously practice leading this skill a bit and get good at hitting it against enemies and you will make your team happy. Almost any target focused after Lunar Flare into Hunters Mark is killed so landing Flare is super important.

Heroic Abilities

Shadow Stalk – (R) Now that this ability globally heals your team it’s almost an auto pick. The entire team stealth can allow your team to get topped off and move into the enemies on an objective and surprise them. Some characters are just downright scary when you cant seem them. Imagine a stealth Thrall suddenly on you when you’ve been stunned by Lunar Flare and debuffed by Hunters Mark. This heroic is dangerous in the right hands of a smart team so try to communicate when you will be using it and if it’s use can be leveraged for a surprise assault at a decisive moment in the game.

Starfall – (R) A very strong AOE heroic that use to be the go to pick for Tyrande players. It is still a strong choice, especially if you’re going a full damage build, but it’s hard to pass on the utility of shadow stalk even when your primary concern is damage.

The Build

Level 1

Rangers Mark – This makes your cooldown on hunters mark 12 seconds instead of 20. Since hunters mark is the best trait in the game you should take this every time.

Level 4

Protective Shield -Early game support can be tough for Tyrande and this helps her mitigate some damage. Time the shield so its soaking damage. Casting it as a target is about to die is often a mistake that will often not save the,

Level 7

Lunar Blaze – Every single talent at this level is viable and Lunar Blaze is just the go to pick for me. If my team is going to need mule for a map then I take mule. If I feel my team will be relying on me to use my abilities in team fights often then I will take battle momentum. If I’m in a solo queue with random players who overextend a lot I will take Quickening Blessing for the extra move speed on Light of Elune. Just read the situation and pick the appropriate talent.

Level 10

Shadow Stalk – see heroic abilities section

Level 13

Overflowing Light – The buff from this is huge and if your topping yourself off by healing others it will always be active. This is what allows Tyrande to be able to keep the team up with her healing in the late game. I can’t really recommend any other talent at this level because of how important Overflowing Light is when you’re solo support. Possibly sprint if you’re constantly focused and need to get away.

Level 16

Trueshot Aura– Such a big buff to your team allows them to blow people up quicker. I will take this talent every time and hope that my team knows to pour on some auto attacks.

Level 20

Hunter’s Swiftness – That’s a large movement speed buff added to an already useful heroic. It can very useful when utilized properly and I take it more often than not especially if my team is coordinated. It’s great for saving the team from a dreaded late game wipe while also allowing your team to quickly move into position for a massive end game gank.  If I’m in solo queue I will typically just take Storm Shield because it can be hard to communicate the usefulness of the move speed to randoms.

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