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Updated: Uther Build

by - 2 years ago

Uther is one of the most recognizable heroes from the Warcraft series. In Heroes of the Storm he is an amazing utility support with great stuns. I always think of Uther as the best support you can pick for a team comp that is centered around diving or roaming. Uther also does a good job of shutting down melee centered teams with his amazing stuns. If you would like to see the basics on Uther head over to his hero page located here.


Eternal Devotion -(Trait) This allows Uther to cast a short cooldown healing spell from a spirit form before actually dying. This talent can really help your team come out on top during very close team fights. Don’t be afraid to get into the action if you can turn a 1 for 1 into a 3 for 1.

Holy Light  – (Q) Just a healing spell really. It heals a large amount and has a large cooldown so be sure to target the right ally. This is probably the best choice to use with the level 16 talent Benediction because two Holy Lights are much better than one.

Holy Radiance – (W) This ability is pretty versatile and can be used in multiple situations. In team fights it often does both healing and damage so look for a good spot to use it so that hits as many targets as possible. Throwing this down as just a damage tool is not a bad idea either as it can often lead to that extra bit needed to secure a kill.

Hammer of Justice -(E) An amazing stun that can shut down melee heroes that are trying to dive on your backline. Uther has a fairly beefy HP pool for a support which allows him to get in the thick of things to use Hammer of Justice. Make sure to time this with your teammates hard CC so you can chain stun enemies and get a kill.

Heroic Abilities

Divine Shield -Invulnerability is amazing and the extra move speed is nice. This can often save a teammate from total death or set up a strong DPS for a great initiation that decimates the enemies back line. It can also be used on a member of your team that is about to draw a ton of focus and makes the enemies waste their mana and cooldowns on someone who can’t be touched. It’s an amazing tool to have in your kit and I pick this heroic 95% of the time.

Divine Storm – This is a great heroic also but is generally out-shined by Divine Shield. Divine Storm is something I will take if I feel my team is winning so hard and I want to continue the snowball effect of that. I might also take storm if they have three melee characters with an Abathur hat or something and I need to disrupt their engagements. Other than that though I will typically pass on Divine Storm.

The Build

Level 1

Conjurers Pursuit – Conjurers pursuit it is still the best choice for Uther at this level. Grabbing globes with Uther isn’t too challenging and the minor regen this provides is huge for Uther’s late game presence as this will allow him to stay in lane. Certain maps don’t allow for much globe farming and in those cases I generally take Block. If I feel like I wont get much use out of Block I will take Reach instead.

Level 4

Protective Shield – Uther’s first extra button is an amazing one. Uther doesn’t have access to constant heals such as Malfurion or LiLi so having this shield really makes up for that. Late game this shield scales into insane amounts of protection so be sure to use it. Remember the idea of a shielding an ally shouldn’t be in reaction to them taking a ton of damage it takes the ability to identify they are about to take a lot of damage and putting the shield up so that it will soak it. This skill is especially important on Uther since his burst healing is really weak early on.

Level 7

Cleanse – A great tool that can really help against any sort of CC. This is the bacon saver that your teammates will need to escape those coordinated ganks. PRACTICE USING CLEANSE! Remember that using cleanse provides the unstoppable trait. To get the most out of cleanse positioning is important. You need to be in the right spot so your teammates can reap the benefits of moving freely when the enemy thought they were locked down. If for some reason you think Cleanse will be a wasted talent pick then you can choose Clairvoyance or Burden of Guilt instead. It’s rare but sometimes the enemy will have no CC worth cleansing.

Level 10

Divine Shield – see heroic abilities

Level 13

Shrink Ray – This will be your 3rd extra button and it’s an amazing one. Shrink Ray almost guarantees one of the enemies will be useless during its duration and will probably be killed. This is a real equalizer when used against the enemy teams best player. I typically go for melee DPS that is hard to take down such as Butcher, Lunara, Greymane, Thrall, Illidan, or Sonya. Sometimes it can also be used to make sure a fleeing target cannot get away from your team.

Level 16

Benediction – The 4th and final extra button gives Uther exactly what he needs. I use this one so much that I typically drag to the 1 spot so I don’t forget to constantly use it when it’s off cooldown. This really ups Uther’s healing output during team fights and can give him access to a double stun. There is no reason not to take Benediction because it fixes the biggest weakness of Uther which is not having access to burst healing.

Level 20

Redemption – Not dying is always a good thing but being able to secure kills or a teammates escape while sacrificing yourself then resurrecting is just cool. You can make some amazing plays with Redemption and I take it most of the time at 20. If for some reason I’m confident that I wont die then I take Storm Shield and use it to press the advantage my team has.

The Strategy

You’re a support that is great at roaming so early I try to get something going with my teammates in the aggressive lane. Uther’s ability to stay alive is very helpful so that he can get right in the enemies face for a stun that hopefully secures a kill. The rest of the early phase I spend time collecting globes and roaming if the team comp allows for it. Look to go out and put damage on enemies who extend too far into your territory. Once they react look to stun and hopefully your teammates will clean up.

Mid and Late game is when Uther should be with his team at all times. If you find yourself alone especially late game then you have probably made a positional error. Grabbing globes is still important but staying with the team is priority 1. Uther has all those buttons for a reason and they should be used to disrupt enemies and save teammates. Uther’s presence alone late game can be a nightmare for enemies to deal with because a failed engage could lead to them getting stun locked or shrunken or both!

Uther is a force of a support so make your enemies fear you early and they will often make bad mistakes trying to get to you in the back. Positioning and conditioning your enemies to fear you are the keys to success with Uther. I hope you learned something from this guide and give Uther a try because he’s a lot of fun. Thanks for reading and look for another build next week right here at BlizzPro!

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